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Composer Luna Pearl Woolf has long used her creative voice to advocate for social
and political change. Her music, characterized by its penetrating focus on music’s
capacity as a storytelling language, has been praised by The New York Times for its
“psychological nuances and emotional depth” (The New York Times) and “brilliant,
wrenching… profoundly moving” (Opera Going Toronto)

In the 2021 GRAMMY-nominated composer-portrait album, LUNA PEARL WOOLF:
Fire and Flood
, The Times’s Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim writes, “Woolf trains a
zoom lens on the collective experience, plunging us right into the midst of
destruction and anarchy only to pull back, in one swoop, to a clear-eyed plane of

Woolf’s opera commissions include the Dora award-winning Jacqueline, on the
legendary cellist Jacqueline du Pré, for Tapestry Opera, and Better Gods, about
Hawaii’s Queen Lili‘uokalani, for Washington National Opera. Her opera, The Pillar,
was awarded one of Opera America’s inaugural Discovery Grants.

Noted collaborators include librettists/writers Royce Vavrek, Cornelia Funke,
Andrea Stolowitz and Eleanor Wilner, and actors/performers Jeremy Irons, Matt
Haimovitz, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Frederica von Stade and Joyce Didonato, among
many others.

An accomplished recording producer and dramaturg, Woolf co-founded the
ground-breaking Oxingale Records in 2000, and launched publisher Oxingale
Music in 2010. Woolf’s music an be heard on the PENTATONE label.

Luna Pearl Woolf – Works

Catalog #Piece TitleInstrumentation, Duration
OM0197l’Inconnu.e bouleversant.e (2023)For Solo Violin, 5′
OM0196The Ingenious Sister (2022)For Panflute and String Quartet. 7′
OM0195Journey (2022)Soprano and Piano, 4′
OM0194Contact (2021)String Ensemble, 12′
OM0181The Limit of the Sun (2022 in-progress)An Opera in Two Acts, ~120′
OM0180Diaphanous Grace (2020)Solo Cello, 6′
OM0179Project Earth (2020)Flexible Trio, 12′
OM0178Climbing the Sea (2019)Soprano, Piano, 5′
OM0177Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, DC (2019)Tenor, Piano, 2′
OM0174Ballad of a Hair Model (2019)Mezzo-Soprano, Piano, 5′
OM0173Who by Fire (arr. 2016)Voice Trio, Solo Cello, 4′
OM0172Still Life Suite (1996)Full Orchestra, 15′
OM0171Too Many Vodka Tonics (2018)String Quartet, 5′
OM0170To the Fire (1994/rev. 2018)AATTBB Choir a capella, 13′
OM0169Between the Bars (2018)Soprano, Cello, Piano, 5′
OM0168The Going From a World We Know (arr. 2012)Two Trios of Women’s Voices, Baritone, Cello, Piano, 3′
OM0167But I Digress… (2017)String Ensemble, Percussion Quartet, 15′
OM0166Traum durch die Dämmerung (2017)Soprano, Piano, 5′
OM0165Missa in Fine Orbis Terrae (2017)Choir, Organ, 11′
OM0164Helter Skelter (arr. 2012)Solo Cello, 5′
OM0163Act Without Words I (2017)Solo B-Flat Clarinet, 15′
OM0162Jacqueline (2019)An Opera in Four Movements
OM0160Entanglement (2016)Cello, Percussion, 10′
OM0159Tippet Fugue (2016)Cello Piccolo, Harpsichord, 3′
OM0158Everybody Knows (arr. 2016)For Voice Trio, Solo Cello, 5′
OM0157Arpeggione Sonata (1824/2017)Solo Cello, String Orchestra, 23′
OM0156One to One to One (2016)3 Female Voices, 3 Cellos, 3 Basses, 19′
OM0155Lili’uokalani (2015)Solo Cello or Cello Piccolo, 10′
OM0153Duo (2015)Violin, Cello, 16′
OM0152Impromptu (2001/15)Solo Viola, 7′
OM0151We Are God’s Children (2014)Mezzo-Soprano, String Quartet, 9′
OM0143Better Gods (2015)An Opera, 60′
OM0142Mothersongs (2014)Mezzo-Soprano, String Quartet, 9′
OM0141How Bright the Darkness, a winter solstice Carol (2014)SSA, Solo Baritone, Chamber Ens. 6′
OM0140The Pillar – excerpts (2014)An Opera – Six Voices, Seven Instruments, 35′
OM0139Ontogeny (2004)Bassoon, Horn, Piano Quartet, 16′
OM0138Sonnet CXXX (1993)Soprano, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, 10′
OM0137Prayer (1924/2005)Solo Cello, String Orchestra, 4′
OM0136Mélange à trois (2014)Violin, Cello, Percussion, 30′
OM0135Suspense (2013)Eight Cellos, Percussion, 11′
OM0124Rumi: Quatrains of Love (2012)Soprano, Cello, Piano, 12′
OM0133Angel Heart (2011)Narrator, Five Cellos, 21′
OM0128Arpeggione Sonata (1824/2011)Cello Solo, Full Orchestra, 24′
OM0127The Jolly Jello Man Song (1995)Three Voices in Round, \infty
OM0126Five Bagatelles (2010)Solo Piano, 8′
OM0125Sarabande (2009)Solo Cello, 7′
OM0124Max’s Moon (2007/9)Solo Cello, String Orchestra, 10′
OM012375th Fanfare (2008)Orchestra, 4′
OM0122Où allons-nous? (2008)Solo Violin, Chamber Orchestra, 15′
OM0121Après Moi, le Déluge (2006)Solo Cello, SATB Choir a capella, 26′
OM0120Odas de Todo el Mundo (2006)Soprano, Cello, Piano, 8′
OM0118I am a Fish (2005)Soprano, String Quartet, 15′
OM0116Roumanian Folk Dances (1915/2005)Four Cellos, 7′
OM0115The Impressionists (2005)Three Violas, 10′
OM0114After the Wave (2005)Orchestra, 17′
OM0113Orpheus on Sappho’s Shore (2002/4)Soprano, Tenor, Chamber Orchestra, 45′
OM0112Two Score (2004)Solo Cello, 5′
OM0111Impromptu (2001)Solo Cello, 7′
OM0110Into the Twilight (2001)SATB Choir, 5′
OM0109Ten Images (2001)Clarinet, Cello, 10′
OM0108Reluctance (2000)Soprano, Oboe, Bassoon, 7′
OM0107String Trio (pueraria lobata) (2000)Violin, Viola, Cello, 18′
OM0106Epithalamion (1998)Oboe, Bassoon, 7′
OM0105Epithalamion (1998)Soprano, Cello, 7′
OM0104Wedding Processional (1997)String Quartet, 5′
OM0103Song for Women’s Chorus (1995)SSAA Choir, 6′
OM0102Violad (1991)Two Violas, 5′
OM0101She Weeps Over Rahoon (1991)Two Voices, 3′
Works not listed or without a link may be in progress or preparation. Please contact us for more details.

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