The Impressionists

By Luna Pearl Woolf | For Three Violas | 10′

Title: The Impressionists
Luna Pearl Woolf
Year Composed:
Three Violas
Format: Score + Parts
Catalogue Number:

Printed Edition Price: 30.00 USD

PDF Price: 25.00 USD

The Impressionists was commissioned by the Sweetwater Music Weekend for Scott St. John, Douglas McNabney and Virginia Barron.  The three premiered the piece in September 2005.

From the program notes:

Three friends, of an evening, having perhaps imbibed and eaten well, alight upon the fond and facetious remembrance of friends long past and luminaries well met.  Amid their tales of glory and ignomy are peppered representations, now laughingly, now lovingly rendered, of those distinguishing characteristics making friend or luminary most revered.  Our trio, being specimens all of the humble viola, their varied acquaintances run to the musical, and, in five short pieces, bestow the heights of respect in violistic imitation.

In short, they do impressions.

I. of Béla
II. of Leonard
III. of Gene (Tom and Ray)
IV. of Amalia
V. of Keva (canon of errors)

Luna Pearl Woolf
of Herman Melville

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