Max’s Moon

By Luna Pearl Woolf | For Cello and String Orchestra | 10′

Title: Max’s Moon
Luna Pearl Woolf
Year Composed:
Cello and String Orchestra
Format: Score + Parts
Catalogue Number:

Printed Edition Price (Score Only):
35.00 USD

PDF Price (Score Only): 30.00 USD
Performance materials available for rent:
Format: 2 Scores/6 Parts
Catalogue Number: OM0124R
Please contact us for more information.

Max’s Moon is a work for cello and string orchestra inspired by two beloved children’s stories. The first movement cavorts and romps, sailing to a far away place, with a lumbering dance at its heart.  The cello is crowned king of all, but in the end returns to the comfort of home. In the second movement we are rocked gently as the cello sings a tender lullaby, settling farther and farther into sleep against a background of distant melody.

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