l’Inconnu.e bouleversant.e

By Luna Pearl Woolf | For Solo Violin | 5′

Title: l’Inconnu.e bouleversant.e
Composer: Luna Pearl Woolf
Year Composed: 2023
Instrumentation: For Solo Violin
Duration: 5′

Format: Full Score
Page Size: 9″x12″
Catalog Number: OM0197

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From the composer:

l’Inconnu.e bouleversant.e was commissioned by the Concours musical international de Montréal (CMIM) as the imposed Canadian work to be performed by the 12 semi-finalists of the 2023 Violin Edition. The piece takes its inspiration from my 2014 work, Mélange à trois, an opera without words for violin, cello and percussion, commissioned by percussionist Krystina Marcoux. In Mélange à trois, a 35-minute, fully staged drama, the violin plays the role of an enticing stranger, met at a moment of crisis in the relationship of a couple, embodied by the cello and percussion. At first the violin impresses the couple with its suave largesse, and begins to excite the percussionist’s flirtatious attention. Becoming increasingly enraged, the cello confronts the violin, challenging it in a duel of flying bows. In the heat of their ferocious exchange, the forces of connection shift, and a bond of undeniable attraction and understanding is formed between the two stringed instruments. 

The music of l’Inconnu.e bouleversant.e touches on the enticing stranger’s entrance, the conflict between the rivals, and ultimately the love that develops between them. As a solo work, the piece incorporates musical elements from all three characters, drawing primarily from the violin role, but merging closely with the cello’s music as the piece develops. Ultimately, this work delves into the story of Mélange à trois, but emerges as its own statement of flamboyant virtuosity, fiery passion, and intense intimacy.

Luna Pearl Woolf and Songha Choi, the winner of the “André Bachand Award for the Best performance of an imposed Canadian work” (offered by Claudette Hould). Photo credit: Tam Photography

Commission/Dedication: Commissioned by the Concours Musical International de Montréal for the Violin 2023 Edition.
Premiere: First performed on April 29 & 30, 2023 at Salle Bourgie in Montréal, QC, at the semi-finals of the Concours musical international de Montréal for the Violin 2023 edition.

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