Impromptu for Solo Viola

By Luna Pearl Woolf | For Solo Viola | 7′

“…extended contrapuntal play…” for the viola

Title: Impromptu for Solo Viola
Luna Pearl Woolf
Year Composed:
Solo Viola
Duration: 7′ 

Format: Full score
Catalogue Number:

Printed Edition Price:  $20 
PDF Edition Price:  $15 USD

Cellist Matt Haimovitz, who debuted a version of this piece in 2001 wrote that, “at it’s core…Impromptu is an extended contrapuntal play on the fugue subject from Bach’s Suite V in c minor for solo cello. Freely-paced, quixotic sections frame the work, churning the central motive through a kaleidoscope of permutations. One final gymnastic run up to [cello’s] highest positions and Impromptu unwinds in reverse back to the opening material like a palindrome.”

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