Songs for Women’s Chorus

By Luna Pearl Woolf | For SSAA Choir | 6′

Title: Songs for Women’s Chorus
Luna Pearl Woolf
Text by:
James Joyce
Year Composed:
SSAA Choir
Format: Choral Score
Catalogue Number:

Printed Edition Price: 4.50 USD

Choral materials are also available for rental.  Please contact us for more information.

These short songs were written for the Radcliffe Choral Society and conductor Beverly Taylor.  The texts are from James Joyce’s delectable Chamber Music poems.  Set for SSAA choir.

I. A Stranger
Because your voice was at my side
I gave him pain,
Because within my hand I held
Your hand again.There is no word nor any sign
Can make amend —
He is a stranger to me now
Who was my friend.
II. The Way of Memories
Rain has fallen all the day.
O come among the laden trees:
The leaves lie thick upon the way
Of memories.Staying a little by the way
Of memories shall we depart.
Come, my beloved, where I may
Speak to your heart.
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