She Weeps Over Rahoon

By Luna Pearl Woolf | For Two Voices or Two-part Chorus | 3′

Title: She Weeps Over Rahoon
Luna Pearl Woolf
Text by:
James Joyce
Year Composed:
Instrumentation: Two Voices or Two-part Chorus
Format: Set of 2 Scores
Catalogue Number: OM0101

Printed Edition Price:
7.50 USD
Choral materials are also available for rental.  Please contact us for more information.

Modeled on a labyrinth, the voices in this duo for two sopranos chase, imitate and infiltrate each-other’s melodies, amplifying the mournful subject of this James Joyce poem.

She Weeps over Rahoon
Rain on Rahoon falls softly, softly falling,
Where my dark lover lies.
Sad is his voice that calls me, sadly calling,
At grey moonrise.
Love, hear thou
How soft, how sad his voice is ever calling,
Ever unanswered, and the dark rain falling,
Then as now.
Dark too our hearts, O love, shall lie and cold
As his sad heart has lain
Under the moongrey nettles, the black mould
And muttering rain.

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