Anna Pidgorna

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Photo credit: Maria Reva

Anna Pidgorna is a Ukrainian-Canadian composer, vocalist and multi-media artist who combines sound, visual arts, writing and carpentry to create works that are dramatic and picturesque. She works extensively with Ukrainian folk singing incorporating elements of this style in instrumental music and performing as a pseudo-folk vocalist herself.  With an enduring love for the outdoors, Pidgorna draws a great deal of inspiration from the natural soundscape often imitating birds and animals. Having studied visual arts from an early age, she incorporates visual elements into some of her manuscripts. Along with librettist Maria Reva, Pidgorna is a recipient of the Mécénat Musica Prix 3 Femmes 2020 Award, and holds two SOCAN Foundation Emerging Composers’ Awards. She represented Canada at the ISCM World New Music Days 2013 festival in Vienna. Her collaborators and commissioners include: Women’s Musical Club of Toronto, Soundstreams, 21C Festival, New Music Concerts, Gryphon Trio, Thin Edge New Music Collective, Michael Bridge, Rachel Mercer (Toronto); Musique 3 Femmes, Ensemble Paramirabo, Katelyn Clark, Marina Thibeault (Montreal); Standing Wave (Vancouver); Now Hear This Festival, UltraViolet Ensemble (Edmonton); Sandbox Percussion, Ensemble Mise-En (New York); Delirium Musicum, Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra (Los Angeles); Wild Shore Festival (Alaska); Ad Astra Music Festival (Kansas); Ludovico Ensemble, Trio Klaritas (Boston); Gamin (Korea/New York); Irish Language Art Song Project (Dublin). Pidgorna holds a PhD from Princeton University, an MMus from the University of Calgary, and a BA from Mount Allison University. Pidgorna lives on the traditional and unceded territory of the Qayqayt First Nation in New Westminster, BC.

Anna Pidgorna – Works

Catalog #Piece TitleInstrumentation, Duration
OM0913The Stockhausen Menagerie (2022)Flute in C, Clarinet in B-Flat, 8′
OM0910Light-play through curtain holes (2010/rev. 2013)Free-Bass Accordion, 6′
OM0909Bridal Train (2013)Flute, Violin, Piano, Free-Bass Accordion, 6′
OM0908Weeping (2015)Flute, Oboe, Percussion, Viola, Cello, Bass, 11′
OM0906.3Keening (2019)Flute, Two Violins, Piano, 11′
OM0906.2Keening (2019)Flute, Clarinet, Cello, Piano, 11′
OM0906Keening (2019)Flute, Alto-Saxophone, Cello, Piano, 11′
OM0905Though closed doors (2014)Two Violins, 8′
OM0904Obsessive circularity of thought (2015)Two-Manual Harpsichord, 6′
OM0903A Pärtian meditation on an invented folksong
(2016/rev. 2019)
Violin and Piano, 7′
OM0902Like doves with grey wings embracing (2015)Piano Trio, 11′
OM0901.3The child, bringer of light (2012/18)Solo Violin, 11′
OM0901.2The child, bringer of light (2012/13)Solo Viola, 11′
OM0901The child, bringer of light (2012)Solo Cello, 11′
Works not listed or without a link may be in progress or preparation. Please contact us for more details.

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