Flute Suite

By Lewis Spratlan | For Solo Flute | 17′

Title: Flute Suite
Composer: Lewis Spratlan
Year Composed: 2021
Instrumentation: Solo Flute
Duration: 17′

Format: Score
Page Size: Letter
Catalog Number: OM0449

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From the composer:

Flute Suite consists of these five movements:

I. Praeludium is a wandering, highly changeable collection of similar but subtly differing bits
of melody. They tend to begin sluggishly and then explode into high-register antics.

II. Love is made up of a heavily anchored introduction followed by an ornamented love song

that is then interrupted by a somewhat frantic bit of acrobatics. The love song resumes and
concludes in the same terrain as the introduction.

III. Sarabande partakes of that sore, reflective world of the traditional Spanish utterance,
bowed but tinged with hope. Following multiple variants on the main theme, a middle section
engages rapid-fire commentary that follows the general contour of the theme, and then yields
to a brief restatement of the opening, reheard through the filter of the midsection.

IV. Valor is an elaborate march.

V. Gigue is the longest and most highly developed piece in the set. Its main motive is very much
that of the traditional gigue. It is made of several distinct sections, each of which uses a
principal figure that generates most of the music of that section. The piece closes with a very
familiar gigue cadence.

Commission/Dedication: Composed for and dedicated to Cobus du Toit.

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