Lewis Spratlan’s newest album INVASION: MUSIC AND ART FOR UKRAINE is released

Release Date: September 23, 2022


From the composer:

I’m thrilled to announce the September 23 release of my CD, INVASION: MUSIC AND ART FOR UKRAINE by Reference Recordings.  The entire proceeds of the sale of this CD will go to humanitarian aid for the victims of the Russian war against the sovereign nation of Ukraine, and will feature the great pianist Nadia Shpachenko performing works of mine, the title piece INVASION, a sextet for piano, alto saxophone, horn, trombone, percussion, and mandolin, conducted by Anthony Parnther; and four pieces for solo piano: PIANO SUITE NO. 1, SIX RAGS, TWO SONATAS, and the 17-minute WONDERER, mostly composed for Nadia.

Let’s hurry so that funds can begin to accumulate for humanitarian aid to embattled Ukraine.

My best wishes to all.
Lew Spratlan

Extra notes and album credits:

Recorded on May 29 and June 22­-23, 2022 at Silent Zoo Studios, Glendale, CA
Producer: Lewis Spratlan
Recording Engineer: Patrick Dillon Curry
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Sean Royce Martin
Piano: Steinway & Sons, Model D
Program Notes: Peter Yates
Visual Artists: Yurii Nagulko, Lesia Babliak, Kati Prusenko, Olena Papka, Aza Nizi Maza Studio children artists, art direction by Mykola Kolomiyets
Cover Painting: Lesia Babliak,”My beloved Ukraine,” from Yellow-­Blue Album of war art. March, 2022.
Label: Reference Recordings (FR-749)
Artists: Nadia Shpachenko
Composer: Lewis Spratlan
Release date: September 23, 2022

INVASION for piano, saxophone, horn, trombone, percussion, & mandolin
with Anthony Parnther, conductor; Pat Posey, saxophone; Aija Mattson-Jovel, horn; Phil Keen, trombone; Yuri Inoo, percussion; & Joti Rockwell, mandolin



“Listening to this music I was reminded of works similar in intent by Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich, to name but two composers, who neither celebrating, nor condemning, turned compositions inspired by the horrors of war into art. Gratitude is due to Lewis Spratlan and to Nadia Shpachenko, soulmates against man’s inhumanity to man.” —Rafael de Acha, All About the Arts

Where to listen:

Smart URL with download and streaming options: https://listn.fm/invasion/

Where to find the music:

All of the works featured on INVASION: MUSIC AND ART FOR UKRAINE is available on Lewis Spratlan’s Oxingale Music catalogue. Click HERE for his full list of works.

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