Project Earth

By Luna Pearl Woolf | For Flexible Trio of Instruments | 12′

Title: Project Earth
Composer: Luna Pearl Woolf
Year Composed: 2020
Instrumentation: For Flexible Trio of Instruments (Flute or Violin, Clarinet in B-Flat or Viola, Bassoon or Cello)
Duration: 12′
Format: Full Double Score (Score in C and Transposed Score).
Page Size: Letter
Catalog Number: OM0179

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From the composer:

Project Earth was composed as incidental music to a devised play by Maia Kinney-Petrucha and children of Multi-Arts, an intensive visual and performing arts program for children 4-12 years old. Set for a trio of three wind or string players, the flexible score is designed for the players to adapt in real time to the on-stage action. In Project Earth:

A group of humans went to live under rocks in the year 2020. They have lived in tunnels underground for thousands of years, and haven’t seen what the Earth has looked like from above since. When their tunnels start to flood, Rocky and Boulder must travel to the surface to save their world—but a lot has changed in the year 3,000, and all they have are their old 2020 history books to go off of. Their history books are composed of poems written by the children of 2020. Most of the world is desert, there is only one tree left, and very few living creatures. Robots continue to drain Earth’s resources and Rocky and Boulder have to find a way to stop them with the help of some new friends—including a mysterious time traveler.


Commission/Dedication: Incidental music for the play by Maia Petrucha and the Multi-Arts Program. Commissioned by Catalina Arrubla.
Premiere: First performed online November 1, 2020 by author/director Maia Kinney-Petrucha and children of the Multi-Arts Program, Catalina Arrubla, executive director.

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