By David Sanford| For Eight Cellos | 5′

Title: Triptych
David Sanford
Year Composed: 2010
Eight Cellos
Format: Score + Parts
Catalogue Number:
Printed Edition Price: 60.00 USD
PDF Price: 40.00 USD

Listen to an excerpt of Triptych:

Who’s playing? Matt Haimovitz + Uccello

David Sanford writes in the liner notes to the Oxingale recording:

Triptych is an octet composed in 2010 for Matt Haimovitz and Uccello. The title refers in part to works by my friend, artist Chris Pouler, whose works occasionally feature likenesses of friends, relatives, musicians and composers in surreal, non-traditional, and/or symbolic settings. Two of Pouler’s musical interests, jazz pianists Vijay Iyer and Nik Bärtsch, are the more overt stylistic inspirations for this work.

This work is recorded on Oxingale Records’ album Meeting of the Spirits. Click here to go to the album page on iTunes.

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