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Calgary Herald: Evelyn Glennie and Land’s End Ensemble provide spectacular evening

“Woolf seems to have carefully considered the relationship of physicality to the performers’ bodies, for example their height, physical performance characteristics and their physical relationship with the instrument. Set in shards of imitative Bach cello suite fragments, and buttressed with … Continue reading

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New York Times: When musicians get up and move

By CORINNA da FONSECA-WOLLHEIM JULY 28, 2017 A Victorian dictum, now out of fashion, states that children should be seen, not heard. The opposite might be said of the 19th-century concert setup: Players were to be heard, not seen — or at … Continue reading

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Examiner: PENTATONE tries to get the jump on Christmas music marketing

Originally posted on Oxingale Music:
29 October 2015 “Woolf has mustered just the right combination of sonorities and thematic material that makes the perfect glove to fit Wilner’s poetic hand.” Last August PENTATONE decided that the summer would be the perfect…

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Herald-Times: Chamber Choir Focuses on Musical, Verbal Message

Originally posted on Oxingale Music:
March 5, 2013 The Bloomington chamber choir Voces Novae performs with artistic integrity and is motivated by social conscience. … At the heart of the concert was a performance of “Après Moi, le Déluge,” for…

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Strings Magazine: Matt Haimovitz Returns to the Solo Suites and Intimate Venues

Given his commitment to connecting with his audience, Haimovitz chose a unique way to share this passion with his listeners. He has commissioned preludes to the Six Solo Suites, created by contemporary composers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. “It’s a way to bring these suites into the 21st century,” he says, “to have living, breathing composers grapple with the materials, Bach’s musical building blocks, and find their own take on it.”

The six composers bringing contemporary vitality to Bach are Philip Glass, Luna Pearl Woolf, Du Yun, Vijay Iyer, Roberto Sierra, and Mohammed Fairouz. Haimovitz has encouraged them to draw on folk melodies, just as Bach did in his day. As we spoke, the pieces were still being written, and Haimovitz’s excitement and anticipation is contagious. Continue reading

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