WE’RE HIRING! Sibelius Music Engraver/Editor – Part Time

Oxingale Music seeks Sibelius Music Engraver/Editor 

Oxingale Music is an independent music publisher focusing on exceptional contemporary composers, featuring works from solo to chamber to opera and beyond. A particular destination for cellists, our catalog is rich in music for strings and string ensembles, including original works and innovative arrangements from the traditional repertoire, Jazz and rock. 

Oxingale Music seeks a part time Sibelius engraver and editor to be a collaborative member of our small team. Working to the highest professional standards and conforming to the Oxingale Music House Style, the Sibelius Music Engraver/Editor will:

  • Work directly with composers to engrave their music from manuscript at various stages of score development.
  • Prepare (and collaborate on the preparation of) scores and parts for use in workshops, performances and for publication.
  • Edit pre-existing scores in Sibelius.
  • Proofread PDF scores prepared by composers and other engravers to flag all issues of good score and part preparation, as well as adherence to our house style.

The ideal candidate will be:

  • Well-versed in the notation of Classical and contemporary instrumental and vocal music.
  • Knowledgeable about industry standards for scores and parts.
  • A patient and persistent problem-solver.
  • Diligent and ruthless about detail and design.
  • Independent and self-motivated worker. Self-awareness about workload limits when taking on projects, and able to communicate this with the team.
  • Excellent at time management skills to meet deadlines.
  • A clear communicator in English.
  • Accustomed to working with Google Drive and file collaboration.
  • Open to a project-based schedule, or a varying number of hours per week.
  • Familiar with music engraving software generally. Experience with Sibelius is a plus, but regardless there will be a learning curve related to our house style and our composers’ non-standard notation requirements. The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic and unafraid to immerse themselves in learning new techniques and expertise.
  • Ideally already working in Sibelius 2020, or have access to the software. 


Oxingale Music prepares our scores to a high level of professionalism and very specific house style standards. Thus, regardless of a candidate’s previous experience with Sibelius, some training will be required. We are open to candidates who are just learning the software, provided their other experience prepares them well for the challenge. Training will be largely self-directed, with guidance and feedback provided by the Oxingale Music team. 


We are located in Montréal, but the candidate can be remote. Conferences and most work communication will happen during EST work-week hours.

Employment status:

For workers authorized to work in Canada, we can offer a salary based on projected hours, to be banked and used on a project basis. For others, a contractor status will be used. In all cases there will be a probationary period.


Hourly rate will vary based on experience, from $20-40 CAD/hour.

To Apply:

Send a cover letter, your CV, two engraving samples, and contact information for two references to music@oxingale.com.

Posted March 3, 2023, open until filled.

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