Like doves with grey wings embracing

By Anna Pidgorna | For Piano Trio | 11′

Title: Like doves with grey wings embracing
Composer: Anna Pidgorna
Year Composed: 2015
Instrumentation: For Piano Trio
Duration: 11′
Format: Performance Set: Full Score + 2 Parts
Page Size: Letter
Catalog Number: OM0902

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From the composer:

Like doves with grey wings embracing is a transformation of an earlier piece for voice and percussion quartet Weeping for a dead love. This earlier work drew on the now rare tradition of weeping songs sung by women to mourn their departed loved ones, and became a ritualized mourning for a dead relationship. In this trio, the strings draw on the folk-inspired vocal lines, while the piano expands on the sound of the four Noah bells, which magically fit themselves into my vocal melodies and suggested a harmonic world. The creation of this trio coincided and merged with a rather turbulent love affair, which ended before the music was completed. Unintentionally, this piece also became a lament for a dead love. The title refers to a common metaphor in Ukrainian folk music, which equates doves with lovers.

Commission/Dedication: Commissioned by the Gryphon Trio.
Premiere: First performed August 3, 2015 at Ecole Secondaire Publique de la Salle, during the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, by the Gryphon Trio.

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