THE PILLAR – Opera-in-progress

An opera by Luna Pearl Woolf
Libretto by David Van Taylor

The Pillar tells the story of a woman who has dedicated her whole life to her husband, a pillar of the community.  When he falls into disgrace, she must confront choices and consequences of identity, community, and motherhood.  Our heroine is Ruth Madoff. Based on Diana Henriques’ bestselling The Wizard of Lies:  Bernie Madoff and the Death of TrustThe Pillar digs beneath the surface of the contemporary scandal to uncover a meditation on loyalty, corruption, and the nature of love.

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Concert Performance
February 28, 2016
The Washington Chorus, Julian Wachner, Music Director

“According to the splendid performance by all the singers and instrumentalists Woolf’s THE PILLAR is off to a great start… what wrenching, realistic theater it was — the rise and fall of the Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff and the resulting human tragedies.”
– The Washington Post

“THE PILLAR focuses on Ruth Madoff, a woman who has dedicated her life to her husband, a pillar of the community. When he falls into disgrace, she must confront choices, and consequences, of operatic proportions. The Pillar uses this contemporary scandal to deliver a timeless meditation on loyalty, corruption and the nature of love.”
– Georgetown Patch

“Ruth Madoff’s struggle is Shakespearean … as if Gertrude from Hamlet has been fleshed out for us.”
– Loretta Toscano, Actor/Educator

“The drama is so moving … all we wanted was more than thirty-something minutes!”
– Opera-L

“Musically inventive and powerful … such economy in the language … It’s brilliant!”
– Elizabeth W. Scott , Dunch Arts

Ruth – Marnie Breckenridge
Bernie – Jim Shaffran
Harry – Peter Tantsits
Mark – Jonathan Blalock

3-Scene Workshop
September 14, 2014
Opera America Center Recital Hall

“It made me look at the whole event in a different way … it becomes deep, tragic and human … a Biblical story.”
– Dillon McCartney, NYIOP International


THE PILLAR an Opera by Luna Pearl Woolf

The development of THE PILLAR received funding from Opera America’s Opera Grants for Female Composers program, supported by the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation.
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