By Led Zeppelin | Arranged for Four Cellos by Matt Haimovitz and Luna Pearl Woolf | 8′

Title: Kashmir
Led Zeppelin
Arranged by: Matt Haimovitz and Luna Pearl Woolf
Year Composed:
Four Cellos
Format: Score + Parts
Catalogue Number:
Printed Edition Price: 30.00 USD
PDF Price: 25.00 USD

Listen to an excerpt of Kashmir:

Who’s playing? Matt Haimovitz + Uccello

On tour in 1975 in the scorching heat of the Sahara desert the members of Led Zeppelin were dreaming, or otherwise hallucinating, about a far-off land with equally ambiguous borders: Kashmir, the long-disputed region between Pakistan and India. The pentatonic melody of Plant’s vocal line may have little to do with the music of Kashmir, but the six-note scale with an Eastern-sounding augmented second recalls certain Turkish modes. Whatever the derivation, they were going for something exotically lyrical. Led Zeppelin and fans loved this song: the band played it in every one of their live concerts after its composition. Thirty years later, our arrangement for four cellos, a border-crossing of another sort, was made for the newly formed, UCCELLO. All of the effects – drumming, electric guitar, horn, string parts, and, of course, Robert Plant’s voice – are achieved acoustically by the four cellos.

This work is recorded on Oxingale Records’ album Goulash!. Click here to go to the album page on iTunes.

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