By Lewis Spratlan | An Opera in One Act | 49′

Title: Earthrise
Lewis Spratlan
Text by:
Constance Congdon
Year Composed: 2002
An Opera in One Act
: 49′
Format: Score
Catalogue Number:
Printed Edition Price (Score Only): Coming Soon
PDF Price (Score Only): Coming Soon
Performance materials available for rent:
Catalogue Number: OM0403R
Please contact us for more information.

Listen to an excerpt of Earthrise:

Arranging for her succession, Fauna, an aging chief scientist at a bio-tech firm, interviews three clones of herself.  None is right for the job.  In comes Wilder, a test-tube baby carrying the genes of eagles, whales, and jellyfish, in a search for his “mother.”  He’s superhuman, but flawed and dying.

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