Welcome to Oxingale Music!

Oxingale Music is the source for an exceptional range of contemporary sheet music for voices, solo instruments, chamber ensembles, choir, orchestra, big band and big bands of cellos. Much of the music has been recorded on Oxingale Records – just click to listen as you browse.

The nucleus of Oxingale Music is a catalogue of works written for, premiered by, and recorded by pioneering cellist Matt Haimovitz. Composers Luna Pearl Woolf, David Sanford, and Pulitzer Prize winner Lewis Spratlan, among others, contribute not only their cello-centric works, but also a wide variety of music, encompassing works for full orchestra, choir, voices and chamber ensembles.

Cellists and fans of Matt Haimovitz will already be familiar with his electrifying repertoire, much of which is available here for the first time. Ranging in style from classical to jazz to rock, these works explore all facets of cello performance, from solo pieces to chamber music and cello concertos, along with Oxingale Music’s Uccello Collection of innovative arrangements for two to eight cellos.

To explore the catalogue, use the menu above or click on the links to the right.  You can also download our current catalogue as a PDF by clicking here: Oxingale Music Catalogue Nov2010

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