One to One to One

By Luna Pearl Woolf | For Three Female Voices, Three Cellos,  and Three Basses | 15′


Title: One to One to One
Luna Pearl Woolf
Year Composed:
For Three Female Voices, Three Cellos,  and Three Basses
Duration: 15

Format: Full Score or Piano-Vocal Score 
Catalogue Number:
OM0156  or OM0156PV

Printed Edition Price:  
$60 USD for Full Score, Printed
$45 USD for Piano Vocal Score, Printed


$50 USD for Full Score, PDF file
$40 USD for Piano Vocal Score, PDF file

In One to One to One we hear three women, watching and laughing at our protagonist in his writhing, self-flagellating efforts to impress, or at least to comprehend the figure in front of him. These three women, observing a man, in turn observing a woman, are the creative palindrome to the three ladies of “At the Carnival,” passionately wrought by Dine and interpreted in music by myself, in this whimsical attempt to celebrate the eternal complication of each of us looking at the other. Our subject’s efforts ultimately come to no avail, and the best we can conclude is there in Creeley’s text: “And the power to tell is glory. One unto one unto one. And though all mistake it, it is one.”

Image result for at the carnival jim dine

Jim Dine’s At the Carnival. Photo credit AV Dezign.

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