A Summer’s Day

By Lewis Spratlan | For Orchestra | 16′

Title: A Summer’s Day
Lewis Spratlan
Year Composed: 2008
Format: Score + Parts
Catalogue Number:
Printed Edition Price (Score Only): 70.00 USD
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PDF Price (Score Only): 55.00 USD
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Performance materials available for rent:
Catalogue Number: OM0413R
Please contact us for more information.

Listen to an excerpt of A Summer’s Day:

The piece opens with a hymn to the summer solstice in Celtic style, which grounds it in a mythic past of sorts and which, during the course of this summer’s day, can be heard in the distance from time to time, as through an open window. Towards the end the hymn makes its way, lightly, to the foreground. Points of focus range widely: Pre-dawn Nightmare; High Humidity, Moist Sheets; Pick-up Basketball Game at the Park; Nap; At the Computer; Serene Evening, Soft Breezes, Crickets, a Distant Storm; Starry Night.

“‘A Summer’s Day’ (2008) uses a simple, dreamy Celtic tune at the start as a jumping-off place for an elusive, complex suite that ruminates on the tensions below the surface of an inviting day.” –The New York Times

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